Is Employment One of Your Goals?

In addition to the Work-Ordered Day, we offer robust one-on-one Career Development Services. Members meet with one of our employment associates not just to find any job, but the job that fits who they are. Whether that’s working at the gardening department of Home Depot, the billing department at your local Dentist office, or web developing for that start-up they’ve always wanted to get off the ground. We help members find more than a job; we help them find a career. Through intensive resume development, interview prep, and accommodations support, our team makes sure that members are able to return the workplace ready to succeed.

Career Assistance

Bellevue Clubhouse members learn good work habits, daily living skills, and build self-confidence by doing the real meaningful work activity of running the clubhouse facility and its programs. It is done side by side with program staff. This program may be utilized as a step toward a paid work opportunity or as a long-term resource to provide support, structure, and meaning to one’s day.

Transitional Employment (TE):

Members may need a series of work experiences with varying degrees of support in order to ultimately succeed in employment. Transitional employment “slots” are guaranteed to the club by an employer. The club guarantees to the employer that the “slot” will always be filled. The job is learned by a staff-person, who then teaches the job to a member and provides whatever support services are needed to maintain the member on the job. These positions are designed to be temporary to afford many members the chance to participate. These positions pay the minimum wage or better.

By working in the community, Transitional Employment is designed to teach members how to work the same way most of us have learned. Vocational adjustment issues can be identified and worked through on the job.

Supported Employment (SE):

Supported Employment is where a member is supported by the clubhouse in choosing, obtaining, and keeping a job of his/her own. Unlike transitional employment, the job belongs to the member and is designed to be permanent and long term. The clubhouse may have a significant role in working with the employer, or none at all, depending on an individual member’s needs.

Independent Employment (IE):

Members can be assisted in achieving independent and competitive employment on a permanent basis. How to conduct a job search, filing out applications, role-playing an interview and referral to/linkage with employers who have openings are examples of how the club can help.

Working Members Support and Recognition:

Working members serve as positive role models and leaders in other Bellevue Clubhouse programs. They are periodically recognized for their special accomplishments and contributions.

Clubhouses offer all members the opportunity to return to work part-time or, if desired, on a full-time basis. There are also opportunities to learn new skills and build confidence through participation in the work-ordered day.

It must be stressed that participation in employment or education-related activities is voluntary and members will only take part in this if and when they feel ready and wish to do so.

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