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Bellevue Clubhouse opens at 9:00 am. The first hour, members and staff work together to prepare for a busy day ahead; we check voicemails, answer phones, make coffee, and start planning the projects that need to be done for the day.

At 9:30, we all get together for a community meeting. Members and staff celebrate accomplishments and share information on upcoming events. We discuss our priorities for the day and talk about Clubhouse standards. The meeting is finished with everyone volunteering for units where they like to work that morning. In the Hospitality Unit, we spend the morning preparing lunch, setting tables, cashiering at the snack bar, doing transportation runs, and gardening. In the Business Unit, members have opportunities to answer phones, do data entry, filing, create greeting cards, and design newsletters.

Lunch is served at twelve o’clock; the cost of the lunch is $2.

At one o’ clock, members choose to participate in either Business or Hospitality Unit meetings where information is shared, priorities for the day are set and opportunities are presented for the rest of the day. The Hospitality Unit prioritizes cleanup after lunch, shopping, doing dishes, working on the wellness board, planning events, and running the snack bar. Besides clerical work, the Business Unit ensures the maintenance of the facility area, outreach to members who are not attending, and public relations work.

The clubhouse is open until 5pm, with the exception of our social nights, which is usually Thursday. At our socials, we either go out in the community or stay in the clubhouse for a movie or board game. For more information, see our calendar.

Members are welcome to join in the work or meetings at any time.

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